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  Field Tests

Field Tests
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SuperOx Box™SuperOx Box™ has conducted field tests on operating plants which have validated its oxygen saturation technology delivering substantial energy savings and other benefits

Plant #1: An older 220,000 gpd three-basin system with a lack of blower capacity used the SuperOx Box™ on only one basin. The plant DO in the three aeration basins increased substantially, the clarifier became considerably clearer and energy savings averaged 51%.

Plant #2: A 200,000 gpd facility utilized the SuperOx Box™ for two of their aeration basins. They were able to turn off two of the three 60hp blowers used for that section of the plant, resulting in average energy savings of between 50 and 70%.

Plant #3: A 900,000 gallon per day (gpd) plant used the SuperOx Box™ for a 300,000 gpd section of the facility. This plant shut off one full-time and one intermittent 60hp blower. After starting up the SuperOx system, DO increased 90% in 12 hours and more than 200% in 36 hours. The plant experienced reduced foam and odor and improved water clarity; plant-wide energy savings were demonstrated to be over 45%.


Current aeration methods are enormously inefficient and require substantially greater amounts of energy to deliver needed oxygen than does the SuperOx Box™ technology.
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